Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Artist Statement

First, I seek to see the world through a pseudo-spiritual shamanistic view point, where every material and interaction has a greater meaning regarding the overall collective state of human and nature.  Then, I try to look and find the shadow cast.  The shadows which we often try to deny within ourselves, and the extension of ourselves into our environment through the triumphs of civilization.  When I say shadows, I mean the byproducts of modernization including, mental illness, pollution, and war.  We have a tendency to push these shadows away; with the motto “out of sight out of mind”.  Within my art, I attempt to restore the  growing imbalance through fully embracing our shadows.  To accept the conditions in which we live  and use our flaws to advantage.  Thus, it is with the most physical manifestation of our shadow side that I use as sculpting material--Trash.  This abundant material I craft into costumes, instruments, structures, vehicles and masks. Materials of darkness are crafted into objects of light.  Providing me with a useful means to incorporate “shadow” into an identity that embraces the full spectrum of human civilization.  Communicating the less physically tangible shadows of mental illness and war.

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