Quest for Shadow

The Cast from: "The Epic Tale: Quest for the Shadow Shaman"

The Gate Keeper

Post-Human Robot

The Alienated Imp

The Drugged Demon 

The Shadow Shaman.
Without Picture: Art, 

Scenes from the Performance.

Other cast members: Art (main character), Kevin (Roommate), Kate (Lover), Dan (Drug Dealer), curtain pullers, musical pit, back up characters, audience.

The script that was used:

Narrator: Our stage is set in the shadow realm of the modern world, a realm separate from our material, conscience, waking realm. Creatures exist in the shadow realm as consequence of our own dreams and concepts.  The shadow realm is a mirror of the state of our collective world vibe.  All knowledge of the Shadow Realm has been suppressed and kept well hidden from the ordinary public.  There is none left who remembers the ancient ways of gaining conscious access to the shadow realm.  In ignorance, humans have allowed the shadow realm to become plagued by their  own  devastatingly dark and twisted nature .  
              Even the creatures who make home of this murky evil landscape do not know why they have been manifested.  In agony they live their lives in hellish lust for earthly balance.  These distorted beings curse their creators, for surely they must be drunk. And These Shadow Creatures are not the fools; their creators had blindly manifest terror into the universe, unknowingly unraveling the holy design of nature. 
              But condemn there creators not, for they are the ordinary people of a depraved world teetering on the brink of insanity.  This global degradation began with the initial few wicked minds that took power and influenced the masses, passing their curse through generations. It was they who self replicated into society, the desire to consume every plot of land, extract every recourse, poison every stream, manipulate every chemical, for their sick pleasures, and most sinful desires. 
And of all the awful Beings now reflected in the alternate dimension, there is but one pure soul who knows this sorrow.  This Shadow Shaman fends for himself,  he alone now faces the torments of his own knowledge and realization. 
Shadow Creature enters the scene with shopping cart.  He is amused and lighthearted but still cautious.  Bobbing by for a moment he notices the audience and begins to address them… 
Shadow Shaman: Woe unto these lands... I am cursed within this time of ruin.  It hadn't always been so.  Do you not feel it to be true?  Art: You know of the sorrow that has encompassed my world.  Does it not permeate your own?  I have a message for you, my friend.  You are the one I have felt; your soul speaks to mine and from a dream I witness your potential.  Do you not feel your greatness?  Seek me, son -for it is time our paths should cross and the teachings shall bestow themselves.  Our world is in great perril.  Shadow and flesh alike will share the same fate.  This is our destiny: the key to my world lies with your will and intent to focus the metaphysical.  Crystalize this knowledge and soon we shall meet.  Light be with you my son... for we are within the darkest of hours. 
Art, our main character awakens from a magnifiscent dream.  He pulls himself up trying to collect his thoughts on the meaning behind this strange experience. 
Art: Wow.  what a fantastic thought... a world in perril?  There's no way things are that bad!  I've been so content these past years -I've got this scholarship, awesome friends, family who love me.  We're living in the best of times; modern technology has given us everything: comfort, stability, a means to survive without worring about the next meal or how to stay alive through the winter...  [laughs] What does that even mean, “crystalize the metaphsical?”  I should probably take it easy on the sugar before bed. 
Art picks up the phone and calls his dear friend: 
Art: Hey, I was just thinking... with everything that's going on in the world -wars, poverty, first world nations and everything: how do we really know what's going on?  I know you can't fully trust what you hear from the news, but then what can we count on?  Dreams?  Yeah... you think so?  But what if our dreams are just crazy?  How much relevance does a nightmare have?  Okay, I can see that.  But how can I trust in a dream when I don't even trust my waking instincts?  Subconscious eh?  So maybe there are deep truths in the back of our heads that are trying to speak to us while we sleep.  [laughs]  Maybe so, maybe so.  Allright.  I still don't know what's going on in there though -I just had a fantastic dream but I can' say for sure if it meant anything.  Thanks.  Yeah, I'll be around.  See you whenever.  mmhm -bye. 
Kevin, Art's roomate in the dorm comes home just as the phone conversation ends.  He immeadiately sits down at his computer, typing a text message incomprehensibly.  His eye pod shapes the vibration of his dancing legs.    Kevin Is brilliant and has a nervous twitch like that of a critical jazz drummer in a frenzy foot.  He gives a sort of Sexy wink to Art as to say hello then slides his eyes to the computer's gaze.  Art stands tall, Bright, and Handsome at Kevin.  He walks Over to the man and his machine:  
Art:  Kevin, why is it we're such good friends?  Really think about it; How is it we came to be, different as we are -you've always been a brother to me. 
Kevin, still fixated gives a half coherent, partly relevant fragment of a response; 
Kevin: Huh.  Well we're all down on the same page really it comes down to uh.. you know.  The sickness... We're all just muddling around with what we got, trying to be happy until we either get happy or just fail.  I'm trying to be happy you know -but it's hard man.  There's a sickness going around these days and you can feel it.  I suppose you're just one of the few people who get where I'm coming from about that; people are sick. 
Art: Okay... but I don't feel sick, kevin.  Honestly, Im very confused about a lot of things right now and yeah, there are messed up things about society but I can't let that affect me.  People create problems and -I just don't want to be a part of it. 
Kevin looks up and engages Art. 
Kevin: Exactly.  You see this computer?  This is my woman.  For real; women are nasty things.  This computer will never break my heart.  [laughs] People's problems... I don't want anything to do with that either.  It's the very condition of man to suffer inherently; maybe that's why I commit so much of my time to this relationship (gestures to or taps or lovingly grips his computer) I just don't want to deal with it. 
Art: I really do feel you on that, kevin, but what good would the internet be, all your games, and entertaining videos... what good would any of it be without people and the whole of society?  There're a lot of really good, meaningful games out there and interesting, thought provoking videos.  Anyone who ever made anything did it to make someone else feel good.  And yeah, we're sick -but doesn't that imply that we became sick and our health and happiness is still inside us somewhere?  Really, kevin: I'm not your best friend because we have similar problems.  I'm your friend because maybe we can get through our problems together. 
Kevin puts his attention back to his electronics.  The situation had just become too real, and now there is silence.  Art feels betrayed.  He looks at his friend and steps away somewhat to give kevin his space.  Art knows kevin has become uncomfortable with the situation and doesn't wish to push it on him. 
Kevin: I have a guild meeting in a half hour.  I've been thinking about this mission for weeks and... I have a lot on my mind, man.  I'm sorry I feel like I just cut you off but... 
Art:  I understand... and I'm sorry too -Believe me I have my own situation.  If you want, we can talk more about it later.  I kind of have a date in precisely a half hour as well. 
Kevin extends his hand to give brotherly hand shake, snap of the fingers -pound it, homie type thing. 
Kevin: Alright, man, I will see you when you come home. 
Art leaves the scene and 
Kate: I feel so alone.  I cant look anyone in the eye.  I dont know who to trust.  I dont even know if I have ever had any best friends.  I dont even feel close to my family.  If I ever did have a best friend than they have sided with the people who have lied and been against me.  I dont even feel comfortable with my own body.   
When I lie in bed at night I cant sleep.  I feel like the world is collapsing. We are all infected.  Its crawling under our skin.  The Devil is dancing next to an angel, but the angel doesn't know its the devil.  The devil is wearing a mask.   
I dont even want to tell you my thoughts because they are so dark and depressed.  You wont even want to be friends with me, in fear of catching the infection I have.   
Again, in the dark. The darkness that envelopes my mind, my body. The darkness that invades the things around me, the people that I used to love, the people that I used to trust. The darkness, the solitude. My refuge. This oppressive technology, this unholy alter we have fed our children on, is suffocating us. We have lost the meaning to words. Text messages and facebook, the tallies to our popularity and our silent scoreboard. Alone. Now I have a feeling for the world, I would feel depraved but I have lived amongst depraved souls. I trust no man, not even myself. So i sit alone in the darkness. 
Art:  Kate, you are not alone.  I am relieved to hear that someone else has the courage to express their despair.  I have felt those same feelings.   
Kate: But, what do I do?  What do we do?  I'm going mad.  There is no escape. 
Art:  Be bold.   
Kate: psh... I... guh...can't 
Art:  Kate, I had this dream.  I know that it was real now.  This might sound crazy.  But this creature, says he can explain our madness, the worlds madness.  I have to find him!  For your sake, for our sake, for the sake of the world.  Kevin said it too.  We are coming down with the sickness.  I have so much to figure out! I love you kate, just know I love you. I really care about you.  
Art Runs of in a frenzy.  He has accepted his quest.  He is attempting to figure out the riddle that the Shadow Shaman Left him with. 
Art:  Right so I have to find the Creature.  What was his name?   
The Shadow Shaman.  He said something about Crystalizing the metaphysical. That is how I can find him.  
But what does that mean?  Crystalize.  Metaphysical.  Shadow Shaman.   
Maybe I can do some research on the topics. 
Art Goes to the Library.  He begins to research. 
Dan:  What up playa.  You ready to pimp the ladies?  I been lookin all over for you.  Who knew you would be in the Library.  
Art: half disgusted smile and shrug. 
Dan:  Im getting my game on.  Come with me to the bar.  Ill pay. 
Art:  Dan, I'm busy.  Im trying to figure some important shit out right now.   
Dan:  Come on, do it another time.  We are young.  We can tag team the ladies. I'm trying to get laid tonight. 
Art: You always are trying to get laid.  Just lay of me.  
Dan: what are you researchin anyways.  Metaphisics, Shamanism, Spiritual Properties of Rocks!  Have you been taking acid.  Thats cool though.  I've taken it before, it really makes you feel alive.  You know I could get you some.  Are you trying to be some sort of hippie spiritual freak now or something.  You know if you want enlightenment it comes from the right combination of drugs.  My life is in a quest for maintaining the perfect high.  That is the ultimate. Here take some of this morfine, and xanex.  It will make you slick with the ladies.  After a few shots you will be sexy fine.  
Art:  Damn it Dan, I dont give a shit about your drug problem or your womanizing tendencies.   
Dan: Alright, I get where you are coming from, Ill let you be.  Call me when you, are ready to have some real fun. Peace. 
Art: pshea, peace. 
Dan runs of.  Art realizes that Dan took his wallet. 
Art: Fuck!  How could he do that to me!  I can't believe it.  When I first met Dan he was alright.  Shure he was a little to obsesed with material possessions and name brand clothing.  He reminded me to much of the coporate heads I hate, but I gave him a chance and he was alright.  But he really has gotten corupt since he started taking and selling all those different drugs.  Only and addict would steal a friends wallet.   
That was fucked up but I forgive him.  Its just one more sign of how important my quest is to find the shadow shaman. But I dont know what to do really.  All I have really learned is about a bunch of different crystals, but even if I need a crystal how do I know which one to use, there are so many of them.  Thats It!  There is this shop the Shamanic Vine.  They have crystals, maybe somebody there will know how to help me.  
Art Gets Up confident and heads of to the Shamanic Vine.  He enters and there is no one around. Creaking sound of the door.  The Musical pit starts making sounds they "wake up"  Art Calls out to see if anyone is there.  No one answers. He is attracted to a ceramic statue of a Lion.  Art gazes into the statue for a good moment, alternating postures as if trying to find the right one to interpret this trinket.  Art becomes filled with joy and finally exclaims: 
Art: Fantastic!  What marvelous glazes!  (Art reads the description of the lion posted on the wall)  This Ancient Ceramic Lion was retrieved during an expedition to the sacred garden of The once Great Empire of the Eastern Mitten.  Legends tell of the lowly potter who became to be known as a saint; he created the ceramic lion.  This potter had died in a peasant rebellion  and became a martyr.  It was at this precise moment by miraculous intervention, the wicked rulers of the eastern empire and all their followers had become blind and plagued with insanity for seven days.  And the source of this sorcery has been told to be from The Ancient Ceramic Lion itself, infused with the magical loving soul of its creator.  It is said that the Ancient dormant magic still manifests within this statue; it may be revealed unto anyone who believes and has true faith in miracles. 
Art is overwhelmed with an immense sense of duty and awe.  He shakes, spins around, takes a deep breath, makes the sign of the cross, says a quiet prayer, and kneels before the lion.  He submits and surrenders.  With all his mind Art tries to reveal his intention to the ancient spirits.  Soon The statue quivers and shines, coming to life.  Somehow Kjartan will animate the the lion, making noises and then jumps up in place of the statue, hiding it from sight.  The ceramic Lion gazes into art: stillness.  It says nothing. 
The music at this point ideally should be tripped out.